Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Poor Obama: 'I Think He is Beleaguered, Exhausted'

Poor thing. All that golf and partying has him so tired. He might want to consider a private sector job so he can get some rest. But no, instead of all that partying, fundraising and taxpayer-funded vacationing, our fearless leader is going to get on a bus and pretend to care about the little people.
A tour through the Midwest is likely to take Obama through states vital to his 2012 reelection bid, including some spots where his party saw significant losses in the 2010 midterm elections.

The White House is billing the trip as an administration event, and it will run the operation, not Obama’s reelection campaign.

“He looks forward to talking to the folks about growing the economy, creating jobs,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney at Wednesday’s press briefing.
Carney obviously is practicing for a standup gig once he's jettisoned from the White House. Don't forget he was flacking for the laugh riot Joe Biden before humiliating himself as the Obama spokesthing.
The White House was so tight-lipped about the details of the trip that it’s unclear how big of a spectacle the tour will be. There were no details as to whether the bus would bear the presidential seal or what kind of motorcade would accompany it on the highway, or whether local officials would be asked to help provide protection.

Obama might be looking to capture the kind of magic President Truman enjoyed during a 1948 whistle-stop train tour, said Ross Baker, a professor of political science at Rutgers University.

“I think he is beleaguered, exhausted,” Baker said. “And I think that getting out and meeting the people is kind of an energizing experience for the president.”
Sure, getting to meet and greet with hand-selected audiences is sure to reinvigorate the poor, beleaguered Bammy.

Can you imagine how exhausted the poor, delicate thing would be if he ever actually held a real job for once in his life? Maybe he'll run into some blue collar guys like Joe the Plumber who can remind him how miserable life is under he wreckage.

Is there any sane person out there who believes this schmuck would be schlepping around on a bus just prior to his lavish Martha's Vineyard vacation if he didn't realize his presidency may well be ending in 17 months?


fiatlux said...

Evrywhere that the BHOnehead goes, he should be greeted with peas - good for the pea pickers union and the birds and rats can eat them after the motorcade barrels through

OxyCon said...

Compare and contrast how the media covers Obama's bus strip and how they railed against Palin's summer tour.

Also, did you miss the part where Obama is sticking us with the bill for his election campaigning bus tour?:

<blockquote><span>The White House is billing the trip as an administration event, and it will run the operation, not Obama’s reelection campaign.</span></blockquote>

The creep is going to raise a billion dollars for his campaign and yet he's shoving a bus campaign tour tab up our butts.

kj said...

That's it!!!!   Throw peas at the bus instead of eggs.