Friday, August 05, 2011

'Rent is Too Damn High' Guy Facing Eviction

Ironically, he's on the way out because his rent is too damn low.
The man who ran for governor because the "Rent is Too Damn High" claims he's being kicked out of his Manhattan apartment -- because the rent is too damn low!

Jimmy McMillan says he pays $872.96 for a rent-controlled ground-floor apartment on St. Marks Place in the East Village -- which he's had since the late-1970s, when the rent was around $275.

But the man who founded the tenants-rights party says his landlords are giving him the boot so they can pull in way more dough.

"I've been here since 1977, and they want more money!" McMillan says. "It's about 'My Rent is Too Damn Low.' "
How dare these landlords looks to make some money off their property.

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