Friday, May 02, 2008

'Let's Take Revenge a Thousand Times on the US Imperialist Wolves!'

If there's anyone nuttier than the North Koreans, they'll have to work overtime to outdo some of this lunacy.

Maybe your average Kos Kid or Huffposter is loonier, but they're definitely not as funny.
Let's all become expert swimmers!” the slogan declares in triumph. “Let's grow more sunflowers!” says another. And another: “Let's breed more high-yielding fish.”

One, rather cryptically, tells workers: “In all institutions and workplaces, let's popularise basketball,” revealing a sporting passion in the Great Fatherland hitherto unknown.

They are a few of the North Korean propaganda posters that went on display in London this week, offering a rare glimpse of life — and doublethink — behind the closed borders of the most secretive country on Earth.

The exhibition features 400 hand-painted posters dating from the peak of the Dear Leader Kim Sung Il's power in the 1950s to the present regime led by his son, Kim Jong Il.
The headline is just another of these gem. Here are some more.
— Nobody in the world can defeat us!

Let's expand goat rearing and create more grassland in accordance with the party!

— Just as it began, the revolution advances and is victorious, through the barrel of a gun

— Let's be invincible in every fight

— Let's achieve even more supremacy

— Let's make wearing the beautiful and elegant Korean dress a lifestyle

— The reunified fatherland is at the tip of our bayonets

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