Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Speech a Ratings Bomb

Considering the saturation coverage of Barack Obama's desperate pitch for socialized healthcare last night, these are rather abysmal ratings.
FOX easily won the night dominating the adults 18-49 and adults 18-34 demos.

From 8pm-9pm the president averaged 21.2 million just on ABC (adults 18-49 rating/share =1.8/5, 7.4 million total viewers), CBS (1.2/4, 5.63 million) and NBC (1.9/6.8.16 million).

People want to jump the gun on declaring So You Think You Can Dance in the fall a mistake and a loser. For now, FOX laughs at you and will take its 2.7/8 adults 18-49 rating and 3.0/9 with adults 18-34 and not worry that there were only 6.465 million viewers. Leave Marc Berman to complain about that while FOX smiles at its year over year improvements even if it wasn’t as strong as the summer version of the show.
Compare the combined audience with more recent televised Obamathons and you'll note the precipitous decline in people paying attention to him.

So on a Wednesday in July he had over 24 million viewers, yet now with a wider available audience he draws fewer viewers? When the cable numbers come in it will obviously be larger than 21 million but likely nothing huge that would have the numbers beat his July numbers by much.

So the "most critical" speech of Obama's failed presidency didn't merit any greater numbers than two months ago.

Yet the media will try and spin this as people being more inclined to side with Obama. Of course to demonstrate that state-run CNN polled 45% Democrats and 18% Republican. Oh yeah, there's a fair sampling.

RIP, ObamaCare.

Update: More on Fox winning the key demo.
More here and here.

Even Obama realizes people are tuning him out since today he decided to regurgitate his lies from last night.

Hot Air links with So You Think You Can Dance tops So You Think You Can Lie in the ratings.


Update: More linkage from Hot Air. Thanks again. And look here, we've gone Big Hollywood. Thanks, Mr. Breitbart. Speaking of Andrew Breitbart, be sure to check out his new venture, Big Government.

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