Thursday, November 12, 2009

Union Versus Union

From the Wall Street Journal we have an article about SEIU's tactics in California against another union. The fight all boils down to a new union that was created for healthcare workers called the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW). This new union sought to lure current members away from the local SEIU union, known as the Union of Healthcare Workers (UHW).

In setting up this new union they managed to get an election whereby the healthcare workers could decide which union they wished to belong to. There are allegations that the SEIU, acting more like their sister organization ACORN, intimidated and bullied their members, even threatening some with the possibilty of deportation, if they did not vote to stay in the SEIU affiliate.
Speaking in an interview over a sandwich at a hotel in the Bay Area late last month, Mr. Martinez says he was instructed by superiors to tell the workers that if they voted against the SEIU, they could lose their medical benefits, see their green cards or citizenship revoked and possibly be deported. He says he and other staffers were also told to pressure voters to spoil ballots that had been filled out for the NUHW. In other instances he filled ballots out for them. He says he even took some to the post office, as did other SEIU campaign workers.
SEIU counter charges that this man is simply a disgruntled worker. Sound familiar?

These actions appear to be just another example of the thuggish behavior of the organization headed by Andy Stern, who has visited the White House 22 times at last count, and was a co-founder of ACORN.

The unions are not looking out for the best interests of workers, they are only about power. Power funded by their members dues and, in some cases, by our taxpayer dollars.

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