Thursday, December 09, 2010

Classy: Westboro Lunatics to Protest at Elizabeth Edwards Funeral

I've long stopped being sickened by these freaks at military funerals, but really, what's the point of this. Haven't her children suffered enough between the shenanigans of their lowlife father and what their mother has gone through? Have a bit of decency for once.
The Westboro Baptist Church, a Kansas church famous for its anti-homosexual protests at funerals, said it plans to protest at the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards on Saturday.

The church plans to protest for 45 minutes before the funeral starts at 1 p.m., according to the church's website.

The church did not provide a specific reason for the protest.
Because, well, what reason could there be? She stood up for gay rights or something?

Detestable, disgusting creatures.

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