Thursday, December 09, 2010

Democrat 'Rising Star' Guilty on Domestic Abuse Charges

Naturally, he plans to remain in office. Good luck with that.
Mayor Adam Bradley was found guilty of attempted assault, contempt and harassment charges this morning by acting Supreme Court Justice Susan Capeci, who also ruled that he is not guilty of assault or witness tampering charges in his domestic violence case.

The convictions on three second-degree harassment counts, one criminal contempt charge and one count of attempted assault represent a significant blow to the mayor’s political future and strong vindication for his estranged wife, Fumiko, after a non-jury trial.

Bradley frowned, but showed no emotion as the judge rendered her verdict.

He is to be sentenced March 17.

The mayor, who said he would be “fully vindicated” following his Feb. 28 arrest, has said since the beginning that he did not mistreat his wife.

Following this morning’s brief court appearance, Bradley again proclaimed his innocence and said he would not step down as mayor. He said he plans an immediate appeal of the verdict because he doesn’t want his two young daughters to live with a “legacy of lies.”

Until this year, Bradley has had a charmed political life, having never lost an election and enjoying a reputation as a well-respected rising star of the Democratic Party.
This may well be a resume-enhancer.
One of the trial’s ironies is that Bradley, who championed children’s and women’s causes as an assemblyman, would be accused of abusing his wife for years.

But, aside from his political successes, he private relationships pointed to a problematic personal life.

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