Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finally: Delusional Dan Rather To Set the Record Straight on His Firing From CBS

Mary Mapes was unavailable for comment.
Dan Rather says his upcoming memoir will set straight the facts of his firing from CBS. The news legend had his own tome on his mind at the party for Bill O'Shaughnessy's fifth book, "Vox Populi," at Le Cirque on Wednesday. Rather confided to writer Gregory Speck, "Until now I never fully understood the power of the forces behind my axing from the anchor post at CBS News several years back, simply for speaking the truth about George Bush's questionable National Guard service." Rather was fired in 2006 for claiming Bush had received preferential treatment in the Guard in the early '70s using questionable memos as evidence.
They weren't questionable, they were completely bogus.

Rather also graciously weighs in on one of the big political debates of the day.
"With President Obama caving in to the Republican demand for a tax freeload for billionaires, I can believe anything."
Since when is keeping some of your own money freeloading?

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