Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For the Love of the Game: Favre Hawking Commemorative Footballs for a Mere $499

If you needed any more evidence what a tool this guy it, look no further. Mere moments after he decided he wanted no part of the New York Giants, this greedy clown began selling merchandise commemorating the end of his 297-game streak.
One of the most historic streaks ever in all of sports has come to an end. The NFL's own Ironman Brett Favre has ended his consecutive starting game streak at 297. Chances are if you're under 40 you don't remember a time in the NFL with out Brett Favre playing on Sunday. This is a monumental feat especially at the quarterback position. Just consider since 1992 the Chicago Bears have watched over 20 QB's start for their team; and the average career length in the NFL is less than four years.

We are now offering Official NFL football signed by Brett with inscription: 297 starts 1992-2010

This is a Pre-Sale! Footballs will be available in about 30 days.
I'm sure for a few hundred more bucks they'd find a way to get these to you for Christmas.

What a guy.

Jeff Schultz brings the snark.
I believe if you order now, you also will receive a complete set of DVDs of Favre’s retirements and un-retirements, and an official Brett Favre hand held mirror!

You get the feeling that the next time Favre officially retires, he’ll fake cry again, bottle his tears and sell those, too.

There are planets smaller than this man’s ego.

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