Wednesday, December 01, 2010

How Tasteful: Oswald's Coffin to be Auctioned Off

Act now. The current bid is $5,000.
The original deteriorated coffin offered here, measures 80" long x 24" deep, with the thickness of the sides of the casket approximately one inch. Sitting on wood crate which measures 84" x 24". Accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity by Funeral Director Allen Baumgardner, who assisted at the original embalming of Lee Harvey Oswald and later purchased the Miller Funeral Home along with all of its property.
Got some extra scratch and looking for a nice stocking stuffer? How about a piece of the seat JFK was sitting on when Oswald murdered him? Own a piece of history now!
A chilling relic from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. A section of the seat upon which he and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy sat when Lee Harvey Oswald pulled the trigger on his Mannlicher Carcano, tragically ending the young president's life. Dark blue leather seat section which composed the outside and upper seat trim. Under black light the leather section shows spotting which is undoubtedly blood.
Sweet. What, no brain fragments up for sale?

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