Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hurry Up, Please: Lockerbie Bomber 'On The Verge Of Death'

Who said there wasn't any positive news this morning?
A source close to the family of the Lockerbie bomber Adelbaset al Megrahi has told Sky News his health has deteriorated and every day is "expected to be his last".
Of course when he was released 16 months ago he allegedly had little time to, so take it with a boulder of salt.
Libyan Al Megrahi - who was convicted of killing 270 people by bombing a Pan Am jet in 1988 - has been unable to walk for a number of weeks and is not expected to recover.

A source close to his family told Sky News: "He is on life support and has been for some days. Many people have been waiting for him to die.

"That day is coming very soon. Every day, his loved ones expect it to be his last."

Al Megrahi has survived far beyond the three months expected after his release on compassionate grounds from Greenock Prison by the Scottish government in August 2009.
Meanwhile, to no surprise the UK has lost a lot of credibility in allowing itself to be bullied into releasing this monster.

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