Friday, December 03, 2010

'If Beck Isn't Stopped, I Think We'll Have Another Oklahoma City [bombing] in This Country'

The Washington Post plants a sloppy wet kiss on the goons at Media Matters, who apparently have decided it's time to "stop" Glenn Beck. How they plan to "stop" Beck isn't made clear. Seems maybe they hope someone offs him.
In recent weeks, Media Matters has gone from simply publicizing what it deems to be Fox's misinformation to actively campaigning against the network. The organization has posted a Web page with an online petition that asks Fox's advertisers to "Drop Fox," that is, stop sponsoring the network.

Brock says the campaign, which predates Soros's contribution to Media Matters, is justified by Fox's refusal to rein in Beck. Brock and Media Matters blame Beck for inciting violent threats against the Tides Foundation, as well as a shootout in July between California police and a gunman who authorities said intended to attack Tides' headquarters. Tides chief executive and founder, Drummond Pike, has endorsed Media Matters' campaign.

"Every sponsor of every Fox show should be put on notice that this insanity is being underwritten by [advertisers]," Brock says. He adds: "If Beck isn't stopped, I think we'll have another Oklahoma City [bombing] in this country."
So advertisers are being "put on notice" and Glenn Beck must be "stopped." If I didn't know better I would say these thugs are making threats.

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