Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'll Drink to That: Bar Hosts 'Bacon Happy Hour'

The bacon craze continues to sweep America. I get down to Baltimore quite often, usually to watch the Yankees slap around the O's. I'll make a point to visit this place next time down there and hopefully it coincides with the Beer & Bacon Happy Hour.
Bacon. It's everywhere: on our plates, in our drinks and constantly on our minds.

Now, the popular pork product is even showing up at a dive bar in Baltimore -- at a tiny watering hole called Bad Decisions that's quickly becoming the place to pig-out.

Every month, Bad Decisions -- located in the lively Baltimore bar district of Fells Point -- differentiates itself from the dozens of other bars in the area by hosting a smokin' hot event called "Beer & Bacon Happy Hour."

For one highly anticipated night each month, the bar turns into a full-blown bacon bonanza, with bizarre bacon-themed cocktails, a fancy bacon-centric dinner menu and bottomless bowls of fresh-off-the-griddle bacon.

It's a pork pig-out for the books, enough to give anyone the meat sweats.

Bad Decisions owner John Reusing told AOL News that his monthly bacon gathering attracts dozens of patrons to his pub, packing the house to full capacity all night long.

He said his regulars are so invested in the meaty happy hour, they even budget the special event into their bills each month.

"Some of my regulars factor Bacon Happy Hour into their monthly budgets, right next to rent and groceries. They take it very seriously," Reusing said.
Bacon is meant to be taken seriously. We have priorities.

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