Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Man Marries Dog: 'It’s Just Pure Love'

I guess that story yesterday of the guy having sex with a German shepard wasn't all that unusual. Consider this guy down in Australia who's taken things a step further.
A YOUNG Toowoomba man yesterday tied the knot with his best friend – a five-year-old labrador.

In perhaps a first for the Garden City, Laurel Bank Park hosted the wedding of Joseph Guiso and Honey, a labrador he adopted five years ago.

Thirty of the couple’s closest friends and family were in attendance for the emotional ceremony, held at dusk.

"You’re my best friend and you make every part of my day better," Mr Guiso’s vows read.

The couple decided on the location – and to tie the knot - after stumbling upon a wedding in Laurel Bank Park during an afternoon walk.

"I said that could be us," Mr Guiso said.

"She didn’t say anything so I took that as a yes."
But I guess at least this is just a platonic marriage.
"It’s not sexual," he assured the onlookers.

"It’s just pure love."
More "wedding" photos here.


hughesj said...

zoosexuality is all about pure love,and we should not be against pure love. God is pure love,and when we have pure love God will be in us to give pure love to whoever.

hughesj said...

<p>We are animals,and we are on a planet of sex,and better to be a planet of sex without war than sinning against your body,and the body of others out side your body in war. That is the correct interpretation of fornicating against the body, sinning against the body,and when humans flee war will fleeing fornicating against the body maiming the body,and mind. Not waring,and having whatever sex it will be a great day working toward a great eternity with eternal joy.

hughesj said...

Offended by sex? hello,is anyone home I am knocking. We are on a planet of sex,and unbeknown to you sex will occure on it.

hughesj said...

<p>The marriage is our idea,and our doggy lovers are going along for the ride,and don't concern themselves about our traditions. It is comforting to know humans are accepting the zoosexual,bestialist whatever name allowing the ceremony not seeking the blood of anyone.</p>