Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas From Abu Dhabi

In what can only serve as further proof of the war on Christmas the folks of the muslim country of Abu Dhabi have stuck a big finger in the eyes of anti Christmas forces in this country.
The $11 million symbol of the season has become the latest extravagance at the Emirates Palace hotel, which boasts its own marina, heliport and a vending machine that pops out small gold bars.

The hotel's general manager, Hans Olbertz, was quoted in local newspapers Thursday as saying the 43-foot (13-meter) faux fir has 131 ornaments that include gold and precious stones such as diamonds and sapphires.

So while we have uneducated school administrators in this country wanting Muslim symbols added to Christmas trees, apparently the Muslim world doesn't harbor such goofy notions.

How long will it be before we have to go to the Middle East to celebrate Christmas to escape all of the HannaKwnazaaFestiHoliday madness in this country?

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