Friday, December 10, 2010

Obama Leaves White House for a Party, Puts Clinton Back in Charge

As someone said on Twitter, "finally, we have a black president again." In one of the more surreal White House press conferences I've ever seen, it was a flashback to the 90s as Bill Clinton meandered on ad nauseum after the current occupant of the White House decided he didn't want to keep his wife waiting.
Bill Clinton often says he loved being president -- and Friday enjoyed a bit of an encore. And stretched it out.

After a private meeting with his predecessor, President Obama surprised the White House press corps by escorting Clinton into the White House briefing room. After making a brief statement about their joint support of the bipartisan tax deal, Obama turned the podium over to Clinton.

In an extraordinary tableau, Obama stood off to the side, wearing the kind of admiring smile usually assumed by political spouses as Clinton took the lead in providing an impassioned defense of the current president's programs. After a few minutes, Obama excused himself, pleading a date with his wife at one of the White House Christmas parties.

The former president talked on. And on. And on.
After awhile, it was as if we were back in the 90s all over again. The only ting missing was a zombie Helen Thomas asking some inane question about the Jews.

Americans nationwide peeking up at television screens and unaware what was transpiring must have been baffled to see Clinton taking questions about all sorts of policy.

Somewhere Hillary was gnashing her teeth, enraged Bill was back into the White House before she could be. Clinton also went on to praise Charles Krauthammer. Liberal heads must be exploding.

Some video via RCP.

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