Monday, December 06, 2010

Thinnest-Skinned Guy in America Gives Christie an 'Average' Grade

You'll remember this tool Tom Moran from the dressing down administered by Chris Christie last spring. Well, less than a year into Christie's term he so graciously gives Christie a report card and confirm how thin his skin really is. It's funny how ion the national level all of Obama's failures are blames on Bush, yet none of the mess Christie inherited from big-spending Jon Corzine has anything to do with the fiscal mess the state faces.
Outside the state, he’s become the hottest property on the right, a Sarah Palin with brainpower, a YouTube star with a razor-sharp tongue who fits the nation’s angry mood as if it were made just for him.
What has Palin go to do with this? Just another lame attempt at humor at her expense, I guess. The fact she made something of her life apparently rankles this very thin-skinned man.
“Ladies and gentlemen, is it wrong to love another man?” asks Rush Limbaugh. “Because I love Chris Christie.”

Here’s the problem: Rush doesn’t know from Jersey. And neither do his gushing pals on the right, like Glenn Beck and “Morning Joe” Scarborough. They praise Christie because he is so good at their game — direct, snappy answers that distill the conservative credo.
Joe Scarborough is still on the right? Huh?

Meanwhile, thin-skinned Moran is baffled why Christie won't come visit his office and have a chat with the far-left editorial board.
Christie would not agree to be interviewed for this column, and has rejected invitations to visit The Star-Ledger editorial board. He won’t say why.
It's self-evident, Tom. You're the last one to realize it.
Ethics: D
No criminals in his camp, but solicits secret donations from fat cat insiders.

Behavior: F
Gratuitous personal attacks are a constant
Don't expect him to come see you folks any time soon, especially when you make accusations that he's soliciting "secret donations" without any evidence. Nice of Moran to at least acknowledge he hasn't got any criminals in his administration.

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