Saturday, December 18, 2010

Trucker Nearly Chokes to Death on Potato Chip; Fortunately, He Crashes

Henry Heimlich, eat your heart out.
COLUMBIA, Tenn. – A crash likely saved the life of a semi-truck driver Thursday morning in Maury County after he choked on a potato chip.

Around 11 a.m., Columbia police said the driver was eating potato chips while traveling down Highway 43, just west of Columbia.

One got stuck in his throat, and he started choking to the point where he blacked out, sending his big rig into the side of an embankment.

Officers on the scene told News 2 it was the impact of the crash the jarred the food loose.

The semi-tuck, a car carrier, was hauling eight vehicles at the time and overturned, sending the vehicles across the roadway.
Ten bucks says that guy switches to smoothies on his next haul.


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