Friday, December 17, 2010

Uh-Oh: Elmo Is Suddenly Very Concerned About School Lunch Menus

Shoot, and my kids love Elmo too.

I hope this doesn't mean they're gonna start guilting the family into having veggie shakes for dessert every night.
Sesame Street's Elmo visited the White House this week just as President Barack Obama signed the Hunger-Free Kids Act into law.

Elmo's visit took him to the White House kitchen where he helped Assistant White House Chef Sam Kass with food -- and a little politicking.

"Elmo can't wait to go to school," the loveable and tickleable Muppet said. "Elmo loves school but Elmo's a little worried. ... Because what if there isn't any good food at school?"
Oh, Elmo. You're in pre-school, for crying out loud! Shouldn't you be playing with blocks or something, instead of fretting over whether there will be 'good food' waiting for you when you start kindergarden?

Hide your kids, 'cause Michelle's brainwashin' everybody out here.


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