Friday, December 10, 2010

Um, Who are the Hostage Takers?

For all the Democrat blathering about Republicans holding people hostage, they might want to look into the mirror before making any more ransom demands. Especially those in mutiny against Barack Obama.
Watching House Democrats mount the barricades this week and bare their bloody chests in a crusade to raise taxes on the wealthy would be comical if it were not so terrifying.

Carrying all the rage that seethes among angry klepto-liberals, Democrats decided yesterday to simply reject and prevent a vote on the compromise President Obama had reached with Republicans to extend the Bush tax cuts for all Americans.

Greedy rich people need to "pay their fair share," they say, as if those workers don't already pay well more than their mathematical share of taxes in this country. And damn the tax cuts for the middle class, they say, if that means that the rich people get the same breaks.

Now, Mr. President, who is holding the struggling middle class hostage for political reasons?
Indeed, and expect a role reversal come January as the Democrats and Obama become the dreaded Party of No looking to stifle Republican legislation and any relief they seek to give taxpayers.
"The White House made a deal and it's emboldened the Republicans," one Democrat whined to the Wall Street Journal -- revealing the depth of his party's delusions.

Uh, not exactly. We had this little thing last month called elections and Republicans picked up a stunning 63 seats in the House.

That is why Republicans are emboldened and that is why Obama is negotiating with them and that is why the best deal you will ever get is the one you just dismissed.

What, exactly, is the strategy of these House Democrats? To let their last act of governance be that they angrily raised taxes on everybody in the middle of a profound recession and high unemployment?
Which is exactly what they want, amazingly enough. Do they believe massive tax hikes on everyone in this economy is going to help them?

As to the left and their media enablers, can we also put an end to this ridiculous claim that anyone is getting a tax cut? Keeping in place the current tax rates that have been on the books since 2001 is not a tax cut. It's the same old, same old. Let's hope the Republicans look to provide more tax relief to the American people. That's the best way to increase revenue and it's worked every time it's been tried.

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