Friday, December 10, 2010

'When We Got Inside There Was the Cutest Little Girl in a Pink Outfit Sucking Her Binky Inside With the Other Toys'

I'm wondering what the hell the dumbass mother was doing while her kid was crawling into a machine.
A young girl is safe after crawling into a toy machine at the Mall at Robinson and getting stuck inside.

The incident happened Wednesday night at the mall’s food court, police said.

Authorities said a 2-year-old girl crawled into the stuffed animal claw machine and couldn’t get back out.

"When we got inside there was the cutest little girl in a pink outfit sucking her binky inside with the other toys," said Moon Run Fire Chief Paul Kashmer.

The girl's mother told Kashmer that she climbed in the machine in a matter of seconds. Kashmer said the machine's hole was large enough for two toddlers to fit through.

"She said, 'I was sitting at the table and I looked over and she's in the machine,' " said Kashmer. "I'd like to see the opening a little smaller. I think they should look into that."
Video at the link.

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