Sunday, January 16, 2011

Democrat Cop Killer Named 'Savage' Arrested in NJ

How do we know he's a liberal Democrat? Well, we really don't know for sure. But based on the new civility and standards of reporting, we can only assume this maniacal cop killer is a Democrat. Until the left and the media disprove it, we'll stick to that story.
Police arrested a 19-year-old suspect Sunday morning in the murder of a New Jersey police officer, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office said.

Jahmell W. Crockam is accused of shooting Lakewood Patrolman Christopher Matlosz Friday afternoon after the officer drove up to him and began to question him.

He was arrested without incident in Camden on Sunday morning, according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the case who was not authorized to speak publicly.

The suspect had already been returned to Lakewood, where he was being held Sunday morning. He is expected to be brought before a judge on Tuesday. A judge has already set bail for him at $5 million, with no opportunity to post 10 percent of that amount in cash to gain his release.

Authorities plan to release details of the arrest at an 11 a.m. news conference.

Crockam, whose street name is “Sav,” — short for “Savage” — had fled to Camden, a poor city on the opposite side of the state, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. A dragnet encompassing at least three states and more than 100 officers had been searching for him since the shooting Friday at 4 p.m.

Authorities have said 27-year-old Matlosz drove up to Crockam as Crockam was walking and began speaking with him in a non-confrontational manner when the suspect suddenly stepped back, pulled out a handgun and shot the officer three times.

The suspect fled on foot, touching off a massive house-to-house search that involved armored vehicles, officers clad in body armor, teams of search dogs and helicopters.

Crockam had been a fugitive since December 29, when the prosecutor’s office obtained an arrest warrant for him on charges of possessing an illegal rifle and hollow-point bullets. It was not immediately clear whether Matlosz knew of the arrest warrant or whether that was why he approached Crockam and began talking to him Friday afternoon.
I blame the incendiary rhetoric of Eric Holder, Barack Obama and Al Sharpton for this murder. They now need to prove they had nothing to do with it.


J.R. Salzman said...

You forgot Keith Olbermann, the worst person in the world.

SouthernWolf said...

These violent street gangs and their cutesy poo nicknames members need to be stomped out of existence like the vermin they are.. and never mind their civil rights, they don't have any.. do cockroaches and rats have civil rights? Nah..

rich b said...

Posted by Jammie: I blame the incendiary rhetoric of Eric Holder, Barack Obama and Al Sharpton for this murder. They now need to prove they had nothing to do with it.

Let's throw in the names Charles Barron, Jesse Jackson, Cornell West, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Eddy "Rochester" Anderson and a few hundred others I can't remember at the moment. That ought to take care of the usual suspects.

Either we can take this kind of thinking to an even more ludicrous point or we can cut out the bullshit and wise up and blame the shit-stain who seems to be guilty - Crockam. What's it gonna be libs? Common sense and the Constitution or stupidity? My sad conclusion is we already know the answer to the question.

rich b said...

My belief is everyone (who thinks) would like to forget Keith Olberwoman.