Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Left's New Civility: 'You're Dead'

I blame MSNBC, th Democratic Party, leftwing bloggers and their incendiary rhetoric of the left for this.
One of the Arizona shooting victims was arrested Saturday and taken for a psychiatric evaluation after authorities said he took a picture of a Tea Party leader at a televised town hall meeting and yelled, "You're dead.''

James Eric Fuller, 63, objected to something Trent Humphries said during the forum in Tucson that was taped for a special edition of ABC's This Week with Christiane Amanpour, Pima County sheriff's spokesman Jason Ogan said.

Fuller was in the front row and apparently became upset when Humphries suggested that any conversations about gun control should be delayed until all the dead were buried, KGUN-TV in Tucson reported.

Fuller was arrested on misdemeanor disorderly conduct and threat charges, Ogan said. While Fuller was being escorted out, deputies decided he needed a mental health evaluation and he was taken to a hospital, where he remained Saturday evening.

The hospital will determine when he will be released, Ogan said.
The rest of the left should also be admitted for psychiatric evaluation.

To no surprise, a lamestream media account of this story neglected to mention who was threatened (via Hot Air).

Further thoughts here on the left's new poster boy of civility.


carol christoffel said...

Exuse me, but anyone knows that a victim of the shooting or anyone there is still highly emotional and traumatized.This victim is so upset that he blames Tea Party rhetoric and threatend them. Was it right to threaten them? No.
Was the "gun talk" on rant radio,Self-Rightouse Right Wing blogs and media, and the Tea Party rants part of a climate of violence and hate that increases the possibility of violence.Yes,defineately yes. The use of the gun scopes and threating jargon is reprehensible and to suggest that the gunman was completely ignorant of this is ridiculouse.His crime did not occur in a complete void, unless he is blind and deaf. Somehow "overthrowing" the goverment with "second amendment" solutions, by an "armed and dangerouse" constituency, is supposed to be a. patriotic and b.Christian. What I see are poor losers with an inflated "messiah" complex who want to violently overthrow elected officials and threaten them. They ought to be ashamed. As far as Lib goes, give me that label any day of the week as I would NEVER want to be associated with the lunatics,fearmongerers, slanderes,and thugs currently calling themselves the TEA Party, soon to be renamed the "Me Party".

SouthernWolf said...

'The rest of the left should also be admitted for psychiatric evaluation.'.. It will have to be involuntary.. fortunately we do have those DHS/FEMA detention camps with railroad lines, so we can put the left there for treatment.. if they want a civil society they won't object..

<span>carol christoffel</span><span></span><img></img>.. bullshit on a stick.. I believe you will benefit from a sojourn in our friendly camps..