Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ed Rendell: Hey, We Need an Early Warning System for Psychopaths

I always though this was left up to parents and doctors.
Two high-profile politicians today called for sweeping reforms to the nation’s mental health system that would prevent individuals deemed ill from legally purchasing firearms.

Had numerous concerns about alleged gunman Jared Lee Loughner’s mental status placed him on a list restricting his ability to buy a gun, his Jan. 8 rampage might have been prevented, said former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Republican, and Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell, a Democrat.

During a “Face the Nation” appearance, Rendell called for an “early detection system” designed to keep mentally unstable individuals from buying guns.

A “rational debate” is needed on gun-control laws, Rendell said, adding lawmakers should consider questions like whether hunters and other gun owners “need a clip with 33 bullets” like Loughner possessed.
So if you disagree with Rendell and the gun grabbers, you're obviously irrational. Welcome to the new age of civility.


Bonzer Wolf™ said...

Training responsible citizens and issuing concealed carry permits makes us all safer.  More restrictive gun control laws do not stop criminals, mental cases and assassins from obtaining guns and using them for their evil purposes.

Roman said...

This is just another way for the left to tell the "masses" how to live their lives.  It is all about government control.  Ed Rendell knows better than you how you should conduct your life.

Flight-ER-Doc said...

Seeking elected office is probably an indicator, Ed

msspurlock said...

I love the way gun banners always betray their ignorance every time they open their mouths.

1. Government doesn't get to tell us what we "need." That's why we have a Bill of Rights. To protect us from little Hitlers like Rendell.
2. It's not a clip. It's a magazine. Clips are only used in certain antiquated rifles and not at all in pistols.
3. If it's a Democrat, lock it up. That's all the mental health detection system we need. They're all freaking insane.