Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chris Christie: I Got Your Civility Right Here

As this new age of civility washes across the land, be prepared for Republicans to be constantly asked by the civil media about civil discourse. So of course the Baddest Governor on the Planet had to be reminded what a bully he is for daring to answer questions with honest answers.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said Sunday that his trademark straightforward style doesn't make his discourse uncivil.

The governor, appearing on "Fox News Sunday," was asked about confrontations such as a famous video where verbally tangles with a teacher at a town hall meeting.

Host Chris Wallace asked Christie if talking about all the "crap" he hears from public employee unions and calling the teachers union a bully is uncivil.

"There is absolutely nothing that is not civil about that at all," Christie said. "What I think the president was talking about was the type of things where people are getting so emotional and trying to get people to become in some cases violent."
As if we needed a reminder.

Put simply:
"What I'm doing in New Jersey is when they ask me a question, I give an answer," he said.
And typically our media here trembles and quivers indignantly. They're so easily offended.

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