Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Official Republican Candidate For President in 2012

Herman Cain has officially announced he may seek the office of President of the United States, by announcing he has given the go ahead to form an exploratory committee.
Cain is best known for his role as President and CEO of Godfather's Pizza, Inc., where he led the company from the brink of bankruptcy to profitability in just 14 months. He has also served as an executive of other Fortune 500 Companies, such as Pillsbury and Burger King.

He served as chairman of the Federal Reserve in Kansas City, as well as the President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association. Cain was a senior economic adviser to the Dole/ Kemp presidential campaign in 1996.

Being a businessman Herman made his announcement on the Neal Cavuto show yesterday, and under gentle questioning answered the most likely round of shots that will be taken against him from the liberals.

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