Thursday, January 13, 2011

Age of Healing Begins: 'Begging for Civility Out of Teabaggers is Like Trying to Convince a Treeful of Chimpanzees to Stop Masturbating'

Palin in their sights

Looks like Obama's got his work cut out for him.
Palin is the monstrous love child of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, and she long ago crossed the line between hateful rhetoric and incitement to violence. Palin was warned again and again that her violent imagery was getting dangerous, that she was stoking the flames of the fringes with language that insinuated a coup d'├ętat was necessary. Pundits, politicians, and even the intended target of this weekend's attack all tried to warn her.
Amazing how people can blow up something relatively innocuous yet remain blind to their own side's hatred and animosity toward anyone on the right. And seriously, is there an expiration date on injecting Lee Atwater into the conversation?
But just because Sarah Palin should go away, that doesn't mean she will go away. And begging for civility out of teabaggers is like trying to convince a treeful of chimpanzees to stop masturbating. In many ways, it's up to the media to stop swooning over everything the extreme right wing says or does—we have to stop helping the people who are cranking up the crazy—which, ultimately, means it's up to all of us to stop needlessly amplifying their hateful, violent rhetoric.
Hmm, by this go away talk, can't we infer the author really wants her to (ahem) go away? This could send dangerous signals to an unhinged person who may be acting out against Palin.

Some civility we've got here. And what's so civil about cheering and whooping it up at a memorial? TOTUS may have had the right words on it, but many in attendance demonstrated appalling behavior.

Zombie has a look at all the healing in Oakland.


TC Lynch said...

"Morning Joe" was right back into bashing Palin this morning, so Barry's gonna have to rein in his side if he's serious about 'civility.'

Anonymous said...

To Roy Wilson straight from my heart...Eat shit and die!