Thursday, January 06, 2011

Heh: Reading of Constitution on House Floor Interrupted by Someone Questioning Obama's Qualifications to be POTUS

No word if this was a Code Pinko, but I suspect it wasn't.
Members of the House of Representatives today read the Constitution on the floor of the House chamber, marking a first for Congress. While lawmakers read the amended version to skirt the original's controversial passages, the reading wasn't without its own share of controversy.

A woman sitting in the House gallery was arrested for yelling while a lawmaker read a passage about a requirement that a U.S. president must be a natural born citizen.

The woman, according to Politico, shouted, "Except Obama, except Obama. Help us Jesus."

The yeller was arrested while the recitation went on as scheduled.
Somewhere Charles Johnson is wetting himself.

More here.
As the reading of the amended version went on for several hours, there was at least one outburst from the gallery as a person interrupted to say Obama wasn’t born in the United States, hence was constitutionally barred from being president. No effort, including the release of his birth certificate, by President Obama has dispelled the false rumors of his birth that continue to have traction with the so-called birther movement.
Of course he's never released the actual birth certificate, but why deal with the facts?

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