Thursday, January 06, 2011

'Popular' Teacher Mysteriously Found in Vehicle With Student

Where were all these popular teachers when I was in high school?
A 27-year-old teacher has been arrested for allegedly having sex with one of her own teenage students.

The boy of 16 told police their relationship, which officers believe may have gone on for over a month, blossomed in her car.

Ashley Blumenshine was arrested behind a department store in Plainfield, Illinois, after police caught her in a car with the teen.

Police believe that they had had sex shortly before the officers arrived.

The high school teacher is being held in custody charged with having sex with the student. Her attorney said she is innocent.

She taught dance and physical education at Plainfield North High School for four years and is known for her popularity.

Plainfield North High School graduate Michael Deland said: 'I remember she's a really nice lady.'

Around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, a Plainfield police officer arrested Blumenshine after allegedly catching her in a car with a student outside the Kohl's department store.

'The person in the back was partially unclothed,' said Plainfield Police Chief William Doster of the student.
Hmm. I wonder what could have been going on there.

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