Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Aww: Bammy Plays Catch

Why am I reminded of his efforts to bowl or throw a baseball? Stick to basketball, champ.

The man-child and the Australian prime minister had a lovesfest and gift-swapping session.
President Barack Obama has received a "foot-tapping" souvenir of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's first official visit to the US.

As a parting gift, Ms Gillard handed the president an MP3 player loaded with a "best'' mix of Australian music.

The playlist features tracks from acts such as INXS, Midnight Oil, and Kylie Minogue, Australian media reported.

One newspaper said it could come in useful during presidential road trips and passing the time on Air Force One.

The Sydney Morning Herald published a full list of the music mix.

Ms Gillard also gave Mr Obama a souvenir Australian Rules football.

The president gave Ms Gillard an oval-shaped platter with a gold face, with an edge that is a copy of the outer-edge of the Oval Office carpet, featuring a selection of famous US political quotes.
Probably all his.

I wonder if Obama detects any irony that he got an MP3 player from her? Well, she at least tactfully avoided loading it with her own speeches.

CNN, meanwhile, notes the important issues discussed between the two. Hard-hitting stuff.

Photo via Tim Blair.

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spot_the_dog said...

Tim Blair was right: that football actually does look embarrassed.

The less said about Our Julia, the better. And Obama? Urkel.