Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Aww: Climate Camp Disbands

This annual gathering of environmental wackos going all the way to 2006 was so popular I never heard of it. Here all this time I figured "climate camp" would be where they send all of us climate deniers to be re-educated.

Sadly, however, it's outlived its usefulness. Now the merry band of idiots are moving on to broader issues, likely to include awareness of something. They'll figure it out eventually and will surely get back to us once the next great crisis is invented (via Tim Blair).
After five years of camps, composting toilets, vegan curry and run-ins with the police, Climate Camp is calling it a day.

There will be no camp for the climate activists this year and the loose-knit organisation will be disbanded in 2011. The decision follows a five-day meeting to reach a consensus.
Really? Five days to get it together to realize your sad, motley, rag-tag bunch just might have to get on with your lives now that this climate scam has rendered you all pointless?
In a statement, activists for the climate movement said the camp was being disbanded to leave room to "launch new radical experiments to tackle the intertwined ecological, social and economic crises we face."
All of which are sure to be fabricated and will largely entail removing money from your wallets to pay for their schemes.
Most camp graduates believe this was the right moment to call it a day. "There was a feeling that Climate Camp was committed to a certain kind of action, the annual camp, which is really a huge commitment in terms of energy and resources," said Kevin Smith, a key figure in the climate movement, who was at the Dorset meeting. "People from Climate Camp are now involved and helping to organise so many of the different movements around, I think people felt they wanted to be freed up to get on with new things."

He, like many others, is excited by the wave of political energy and engagement that he sees in the UK. "This isn't about people giving up on climate change. But most people feel that they want to focus more broadly now."
A wave of political energy so all-consuming they can no longer find enough people to camp out near power stations. Something tells me they're running out of useful idiots to underwrite their particular brand of idiocy.

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nicholas shaw said...

The only thing that would make this story better (not that a re-education camp for sceptics, and please use this instead of "denier" in the future 'cause the lefties use that word on purpose, was not a great line) would be that they shut it down 'cause a refinery was being built on the site.