Monday, March 14, 2011

Boston's 'Holistic' Approach to Crime Not Working Out Too Well

Liberal dimwits are baffled there's an increase in break-ins in the liberal mecca of Boston. Well, when you take police off the street, disarm the public and blame all your problems on the rich getting tax cuts, what do you expect. Do they really think making nice-nice with criminals and taking a "holistic" approach toward crime is really going to solve anything? Seriously, can these people possibly be any dumber?
House break-ins skyrocketed 24 percent in Boston last year, shattering the security of renters and homeowners who say they learned the hard way the importance of deadbolting doors, keeping lights on and eyes open.

“Keep your windows locked. Don’t make yourself vulnerable,” said Alison Smith, 23, a college student whose Mission Hill apartment was hit by two thugs climbing in through an open window while her roommate slept. “We didn’t really understand what could possibly happen. ”

New statistics show police need cooperation from residents more than ever. Home burglaries are soaring, and most of them go unsolved.

• In 2010, only 11 percent of the 2,846 reported home break-ins were solved. The previous year, only 14 percent of the 2,282 reported breaks were solved. Nationally, the clearance rate for burglaries is about 12 percent, according to the FBI.

• House break-ins jumped 24 percent from 2009 to 2010, and as much as 60 percent in some places, such as Roxbury. They were up in all but three of the city’s 12 police districts.

BPD Superintendent-in-Chief Daniel Linskey blames the bad economy for the increase, but urged residents to take simple steps to protect themselves.

Thieves get in through unlocked doors and windows about 50 percent of the time, he said. Keeping lights on when you’re gone and calling 911 when you see suspicious people can make a huge difference, he said. Police also recommend installing a security alarm or, if money’s tight, getting a dog.
I guess arming yourself isn't a consideration. Pumping some thief full of hot lead would do more to reduce crime than getting a dog, trust me.

Meanwhile, stupidity plays a major role. You take a bunch of teenagers leaning toward the liberal persuasion and drop them in an urban environment where they spend half their waking hours getting drunk. The criminals laugh with delight at the easy pickings.
It’s all part of BPD’s “holistic” approach to solving house break-ins, Linskey said. Home burglaries had been steadily decreasing before last year’s spike. So far, in the first 10 weeks of this year, house breaks are down 18 percent.

In a big city, where house break-ins get little attention, Linskey hopes residents know that police take the crime seriously.

“It shakes your trust in your neighborhood,” he said.

Victims say it takes a long time to get over the trauma.
This seems to be working as well as the "holistic" approach to home foreclosures. Come to think of it, if more houses are foreclosed on, there'll be less incentive for thieves to break in.


NeoKong said...

Some people do not realize that if someone has the balls to climb through your window in the middle of the night when people are sleeping they could be capable of much more serious crime.  What if that girl in the article woke up and tried to call the police but was caught by the yutes.
She is lucky she wasn't raped and killed.
Linskey should stop blaming the victims and get his ass out on the street.
I would almost guarantee that the majority of these crimes are being committed by  known felons who have prints on file.

rich b said...

Let's try anger management on these perps like we do here in "the land of fruits and nuts". They do it that way all the time here in the People's Republik of Kalifornia.... come to think of it we seem to have a bit of a crime problem here too.

Maybe we can export all the scumbags to Sacramento and let Gov Moonbeam deal with em. Nazi Pelousy can give em a hand too. Problem solved the democrapic way. Tee hee heee....