Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Compassion: NJ Union Goons Strand Disabled Seniors and Dialysis Patients to Attend Rally

A new Jersey State Senator is justifiably calling for the dismissal of Communications Workers of America members after they cruelly stranded seniors and disabled clients last Friday so they could all go to Trenton to greedily demand more of your taxpayer money. Not only should they be fired, they should be brought up on charges, if at all possible.
State Sen. Joe Kyrillos, (R-13), of Middletown today called for the immediate firing of the 17 CWA workers he said staged a so-called "sick-out" last Friday to attend a rally, effectively leaving Monmouth County seniors stranded.

"It is outrageous that 174 disabled and elderly clients who depend on SCAT were stranded by what appears to be a coordinated effort by employees to disrupt service without notice," said Kyrillos. "The actions of these workers is completely unbecoming of any public servant, and should make every taxpayer in Monmouth County furious. CWA, the union representing these employees, needs to denounce their members for putting the well-being of these vulnerable individuals at risk, and the employees in question should be fired."

Kyrillos said 17 SCAT workers, including 14 bus drivers for the developmentally disabled and senior citizens, took sick leave with no notice on Friday, Feb. 25 - "the same day as a coordinated demonstration organized by labor leaders at the State Capitol." Service was disrupted for 174 clients who take SCAT buses to medical appointments or work.

This was the same rally where the incendiary rhetoric of the "working people" compared Governor Christie to Libyan psychopath Moammar Khadafy.

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Thanks to Instapundit for the link and the reminder it was a CWA goon who assaulted Tabitha Hale last week.

Thanks also to Hot Air for the link.


Bonfire of the Idiocies said...

"Governor Christie is like a Libyan psychopath!" scream union members who leave elderly and sick people stranded while they go to a rally and demand more money.  I guess it takes one to know one.

John Greene said...

I'm from NJ.  Fire them all. 

SmarterThanLibs said...

Public employee unions must either be banned or the union can't contribute to political campaigns, PAC's or produce political communications. Why? Because it is an unethical conflict of interest when politicians get upwards of 90% of the tax money collected by unions as dues. They have a DIRECT interest in pay increases for union members and increasing the size of government: they get more money.