Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Confidence in Government at Lowest Level Since Carter

Certainly nobody is happier that Obama is president then Jimmy Carter, who was formerly the Worst President in American history. While ABC does it's best to spin this all as negative news for the Republicans, mostly through a series of comparisons based on the manner of sure, Obama is bad but the Republicans are still polling badly. Wherever possible they conveniently leave out just who was the party in power when things such as the rating of Congress went into the tank.
Congress overall, meanwhile, is laboring under just a 27 percent approval rating; it's received less than 30 percent approval continuously since July 2008, its longest run that low in polling data since 1974.

For their part the Republicans, as noted, are seen as having a stronger leadership role in Washington, at 46 percent to Obama's 39 percent.
C'mon, admit it: 27% is pretty damn good for a Congress that under Democrat control was polling in the teens. Things won't change overnight, but the Republicans have got to show leadership, not just talk about it. Once again, notice that those historic lows go back to when Carter was president. I don't recall articles saying the Democrat Congress was laboring under its 16% approval when Nancy was in charge.

I went to the supporting poll data for this report and (snicker, snicker) found out that the numbers on Congressional approval for the year 2009 were completely missing. It may surprise you to discover that apparently we had no Congress from July 13 2008 to March 26, 2010.
There are still substantial negatives for the president. In addition to his 55 percent disapproval on the economy and the deficit, just 28 percent of Americans say they think the economic stimulus package actually helped the economy, the fewest to say so since June 2009. It's a central and sharp criticism of a president elected above all to turn the economy around.
Really? They think Obama was elected to turn the economy around? He was and always will be the American Idol of politics. He was elected for giving good speeches and tapping into a vein of white guilt.

The link to the poll is contained in the article but in case you want to look, here you go.


Flight-ER-Doc said...

January 2009 Obama=Carter was the worst case.

Today, it's the best case.

rich b said...

It's no wonder Omama has such a low approval. He projects an "I don't give a shit attitude". Even the far-left (but for other reasons) are flipping and turning on his lame ass. His normal attitude towards tragedy and crisis more often than not is to tee-up and try and break one-hundred on the links.

Take the shootings at Fort Hood as an example. Thirteen Americans slaughtered by an obvious (he shouted "Allah Akbar") Jihadi and all Omama does is gloss over it after some silly-ass shout out to some Native American cause. Then Omama doesn't even have the balls and integrity to call the slaughter what it was - terrorism. Instead he comes up with some silly-ass "let's wait and see" statement when it was obvious the shooter was doing it all in the name of Allah.

BTW, No disrespect to Indians from me, I am 1/4 Cherokee and have BIA family numbers and papers from the Cherokee Nation to prove it but that idiot statement after the Fort Hood murders was so inappropriate it was breathtaking.

This is only one of many examples of Omama's indifference to his own country. He's more concerned with Union affairs than Foreign Affairs for obvious reasons. He's no diplomat by any stretch of the imagination and totally clueless about world affairs - but he is a proud and experienced .... "community organizer" AKA union stooge and a former lackey for SEIU, ACORN, and other marxist/socialist orgs. Along with these wonderful qualifications, he's also a monument to affirmative action and other racist programs ... hence the selection of SCOTUS judge Sotomayor.

Omama, as many Conservatives stated during the 2008 campaign, has no more business or qualifications running the U.S.A. than he does running a lemonade stand on a street corner. We Conservatives tried to warn America but without support and a thorough vetting by the media we were seriously conned and scammed (redundancy check). Toss in a large measure of "white guilt" and we're stuck with probably the most unqualified and incompetent nitwit to ever sit in the Oval Office.

Thank God his first AND LAST term is more than half over unless some national emergency should arise (some planned incident is not entirely out of the possibility) we will finally be rid of his bumbling ass along with the cabinet of clowns and shitload of Czars (who conveniently avoided any type of vetting or congressional conformation hearings) for good. I pray the damage to American can still be undone by then.

I don't capitalize certain proper nouns anymore for obvious reasons. I have no respect for many of these people. As far as my spelling errors, they are what they are. Thanks for the letting me rant for so long Grunt. I'm just so disgusted with these people running/ruining America I'm stunned.

Your Mom said...

than!!!! nobody is happier obama is president THAN jimmy carter!!!!