Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dems Are Sure To Want Control of Internet Now

At least Speaker Boehner is making an effort to embrace new technologies and use 21st century solutions. Everyone always assumes that conservatives are some how stuck in the past when in fact they have been at the forefront of many inovations especially when it comes to using web based services.

The big example I can think of comes from August of 2008. The Republicans were trying to bring an energy policy bill, which would have addressed many of the problems we are having today and if it had been implemented we wouldn't be having these problems, to the floor for a vote. Nancy Pelosi was not having any of that and with a scheduled break coming up decided to literally turn out the lights, shut off the mics and cameras and post guards at the door and do what has become a staple of Democrat politics ever since, leave town. The Republicans immediately took to Twitter, a service heretofore unknown to me to get out their message. Another congressman fired up a live stream feed using something called Qik. While the Dems tried to shut them up, even posting guards to keep Americans out of the house chambers and visiting these congressmen the message was getting out. Overnight the Tea Party gained even more recognition and as they say the rest is history.

So if you have any ideas you want to share with Speaker Boehner visit the website he mentions and drop your suggestions. Or follow him on Twitter:

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rich b said...

The demorats are so "out of the closet" to plagiarize a phrase when it comes to using sleazy tricks to stifle debate. I had forgotten all about the Nazi Pelousy shutdown until this article.

America is onto their shit and it's very clear we don't like it. Nothing like taking your ball and running home when you won't/can't debate honestly. Unless Omama and the demos start shitting gold bricks before 2012 it's really going to be an ugly election. We're sick of their shitty tricks and budgetary smoke blowing.