Friday, March 11, 2011

'Do Not Defend the KKK'

If you needed evidence some Democrats will never take the threat of Islamist terror seriously, look no further than Al Green.
KP: It's been reported that of all the 126 terror indictments all of have been Muslim. Do you think that should be considered in this particular hearing?

REP. Al GREEN:I think that all criminals should be prosecuted. I think that all terrorists should be investigated which is why I said we ought to investigate all of them and that would include the KKK. Over a hundred years of terrorism why not investigate them too. They are rooted in a religion as well. Check their website out. You’ll see.

KP: Congressman King said they haven’t caused as many problems and...

REP. GREEN:Well ask the men who have been castrated whether they caused a problem. Ask the men who were lynched whether they caused a problem.

KP:When did that happen recently, sir?

REP. GREEN: Does it have to happen recently, and they are still existing for us to investigate them?

If you never had to live with a cross burning, you don’t appreciate what a cross burning can do in terms of terrorizing people. My suspicion is, based on what you’re saying to me, that I should say to you, I hope you won’t defend the KKK.

KP: I don’t have any plans to, sir.

REP. GREEN: I hope you won’t defend the KKK.

KP: But I’m just...

REP. GREEN: I hope you won’t defend the KKK.

REP. GREEN: I hope you won’t defend the KKK.

KP: But I’m just curious...

REP. GREEN: I hope you are not going to defend the KKK.

KP: Of course not, sir.

REP. GREEN: Be as curious as you like, but do not defend the KKK.

KP: Of Course not sir. But are they still causing terror right now?

REP. GREEN: Do not defend the KKK.

REP. GREEN: Do not defend the KKK.

REP. GREEN: You’re newspaper is going to defend the KKK tomorrow, I see.

KP: Um no...but sir...
I don't see anyone anywhere defending the KKK. But some Democrats will obviously go to any length to avoid facing reality.


Mighty Mouse said...

The Democrats really do not want the KKK investigated.  It wouldshow that it was started and it's members were and are democrats.  Sen Robert Byrd was a recuriter, and organizer, he started a group in his hometown.  They really do not want the blacks to see how racist they are

Just A Grunt said...

The KKK continues to be the Dems dirty little secret, but the reason they have been relegated into nothing more then a sideshow is because of tactics used to minimize them. The very same tactics now being criticized to deal with radical Islamic such as profiiling. Klan members were identified by race, i.e., white, by symbols they used such as tattoos, haircuts, and clothing and by their associations in certain organizations and social settings. The FBI infilitrated the organization and brought it down from within.

I am glad to see the Rep Green agrees that these are the methods we should use to identify radical Islamists also. That is what he is arguing right?

Guest said...

Trying for the Mr. Welch moment...and fails.

OxyCon said...

Does this moron know that Muhammed has Black slaves?