Friday, March 04, 2011

Don't Mess With Those Giles Girls

You all remember Hannah Giles, don't you? Well, she's got a sister with some very special skills.
She's studying at a college in Florida, and like any typical American teenager she loves shopping and hanging out with her friends. But at weekends she is one of the deadliest shots in the brush.

Regis Giles, 19, is one of America's hottest hunters - and she's taking the big game world by storm.

She's killed buffalo, wild boar, deer and a bear in her hunting career, which began when she was aged just nine.

And she's already drawing parallels to Sarah Palin, America's most famous gun-toting wilderness-loving woman.

Alaska’s most famous former governor’s much publicized love of hunting has led to an unexpected rise in female membership in the National Rifle Association - which some are calling the ‘Palin effect.’

Miss Giles is a lifetime member of the NRA. She was hunting well before Mrs Palin took America by storm during the 2008 general election. But she is as staunch a promoter of American blood sport as the former Alaska governor is.

Diane Danielson of the NRA’s Women On Target programme explains that the ‘Palin effect’ has increased female membership 20 per cent, with the NRA teaching 10,000 new women a year to shoot, and making more girls want to take up hunting, like Regis.

‘Firearm manufacturers are gearing their products towards women. They’re scaling down stocks, and shortening trigger pull lengths for our shorter fingers,' Ms Danielson said.

Miss Giles claims she lives a charmed hunter's life in Florida.

‘In the Everglades we can hunt wild deer, bears, wild boar and big game,' she told the MailOnline. 'It’s the perfect escape from life in the city of Miami.’

Her lust for hunting has also seen her travelling the country, shooting wild animals, and writing about it on her blog:

'Thwoop-pow! He is hit hard! He's running! Get up! Run!... I Shoot, reload, shoot, reload, shoot,' she wrote.

'This beast is strong, he proves to be an excellent hunt. He is now down. Congratulations are being made.
Congratulations should go out to the parents of these wonderful young ladies.

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