Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don't You Wish Glenn Beck Had Been Your Teacher?

I don't watch Glenn Beck as much, well actually hardly at all anymore, but yesterday because the television was on the Fox News channel and I was engaged in some other activity I caught part of his show and I am glad that somebody captured the video to go with his explanation of nuclear power plants in a way that only Glenn Beck can do. With M&M's and pots and pans.

Skip the first 4:30 minutes to get to his explaining in plain language what all those terms you are hearing on the news are actually referring to.


rich b said...

I watched the show and it was interesting. I hated to see the waste of M&M's in the pots he used though. But I learned something that I never knew before. The Russsians had Little Or NO containment safeguards built around their reactors at the Chernoybal facility. Was this true? And the death statistics were nowhere near where the Lame Stream Media had us believing all these years.

Now here is another statistic/factoid and if I am wrong someone correct me. I believe we have NEVER had a death because of anything going wrong at one of our American reactor sites. Am I correct? Someone let me know.

And, as I stated in another post yesterday in a thread somewhere, the people handing us our News (term used loosely) are what I now vulgarly refer to as "fear fuckers". Once again, the agenda driven news channels are lying to us.

Senaka said...

LOL... Considering the level of intelligence of the Glenn Beck viewers, I guess this is the only way I would also explain the situation. Well done Glenn Beck.