Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Homegrown Jihadi Reportedly Killed

He was the subject of a lengthy and rather sympathetic portrayal in the New York Times last year and has now assumed room temperature. Oh well.
Somalia's defense minister says intelligence reports indicate that an American from Alabama who joined the militant group al-Shabab has been killed.

Somali Defense Minister Abdihakim Mohamud Haji Fiqi told The Associated Press that the information has not been confirmed. Fiqi says officials don't have a body but have received intelligence reports indicating the American is dead.

Omar Hammami has been featured rapping in al-Shabab recruitment videos that have been posted online. Hammami joined the Somali militants in 2007 while he was in his early 20s. He had taken on the nom de guerre of Abumansur Al-Amriki.
Meanwhile, GOP Congressman Peter King plans to hold hearings on Islamic radicalization for which this guy was the poster boy and the left is freaking out. How crazy has it gotten? Democratic Party front group Think Progress calls King a radical Islamophobe activist.


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srdem65 said...

So sad, young and foolish to assume that an American Satanist would be welcomed into the tribal, clannish society of Muslims.