Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Obvious: Rightwing Pols Better Looking Than Lefties

They needed a study to figure this out?
Right-wing politicians are seen as more physically attractive than socialists and get more votes because of their good looks, a new study has found.

Researchers showed photos of anonymous political candidates to 2,500 people, and asked them to judge them on a scale from 'very ugly' to 'very beautiful'.

Right-of-centre politicians were viewed as better looking, while those left-of-centre were generally seen as less attractive, the report found.

The study was carried out by experts in Sweden and Finland, and the politicians used were 1,357 Finnish council election candidates.

But the people asked to judge their attractiveness were from five non-Scandinavian countries including the USA and Britain.

Researcher Niclas Berggren at Sweden's Ratio Institute said: 'We found those candidates on the right were considered to look better than those on the left.
The science has spoken.

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Shambhala666 said...

I'm certainly extremely good looking