Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Ohio Group Tries to Draft Drew Carey to Run for Senate

Not the worst idea I've come across. Considering the incumbent is the nondescript lefty Shrrod Brown, he'd be a major upgrade.
A group of libertarian-minded conservatives are attempting to draft television star Drew Carey into the Ohio Senate race against Sherrod Brown.

With no clear-cut Republican contenders having emerged yet for the contest, conservative activist Josiah Schmidt took it upon himself a little more than a week ago to construct a website and Facebook page to kick off the draft effort.

While Carey, who is from Cleveland but currently lives in Los Angeles as host of "The Price is Right," has not yet commented on the movement, Schmidt told POLITICO the Reason Foundation has already agreed to reach out to the television star about the possibility.

Reason, a libertarian think tank, partnered with Carey on a documentary series on the plight of Cleveland last year.

"Carey's outspoken libertarian-conservative policy advocacy, most notably through the Reason Foundation, has proven his credentials as someone who could be trusted to spare no sacred cows in his fight to reduce the size and role of government back to what it was originally intended to be. Furthermore, his name recognition, personal wealth, affability, and status as Ohio's favorite son would be a huge asset in an election," said Schmidt.

"Drew's increasing activism in local Ohio politics certainly gives us no reason to think he's uninterested in running for office. Also, his recent slimming down, the fact that he is in the last year of his five-year contract with Price Is Right, and the fact that he maintains a residence in Cleveland would all match up well with a 2012 Ohio Senate candidacy," he argued.


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Now that's a fine idea. Drew would trounce Brown in a heartbeat!