Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Reading Is Fundamental

I saw this story on my local news this morning and for some reason I felt compelled to share it with the readers of this blog. It isn't politics, or world events or misbehaving celebrities which is the usual fare here but instead think of it as a public service.

There is a national organization which records text books for people who have some sort of reading impairment, whether it is blindness or dyslexia or some other reason. I know many people struggle with the written word, and to hear about a group such as this is heartening. If you know of somebody who might benefit from such a service please make sure to pass on the information. More information is of course contained at the links, so just consider this your little bit of good news in what has become a constant stream of bad news.

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meep said...

I used to be a volunteer reader for them in Manhattan. I recorded math and computer science texts, mostly.

I was there when they switched over from taping on reel to reel tapes to digital recording. Was a fun thing to do. I'd love to start doing it again.