Friday, March 11, 2011

Special Election for NY 26 District and A Call To Arms

A while back I posted about the upcoming special election in the New York 26th congressional district to replace the disgraced sexting lawmaker and now the date has been announced. The election will be on May 24th. Here are your choices.
Assemblywoman Jane Corwin has been selected by the county chairs from the 26th District to be the Republican Party candidate. The district voted overwhelmingly for Rep. Chris Lee in November 2010 and Republicans outnumber Democrats in the district 2 to 1.

* One of the Republican candidates who was not selected is decorated combat vet, author and activist David Bellavia. He is waiting for the conservative party-line announcement before deciding whether or not he will pursue an independent candidacy. That announcement is slated to be made March 12.

* Jack Davis is another independent contender. Davis has unsuccessfully run for office in the past as both a Democrat and as a Republican. Davis is wealthy and has poured millions of his own funds into prior campaigns.

The Democrats are as usual unable to make a decision on who they want to endorse. They can't appear to make a decision on anything.

The problem is this. Since David is going to have to run as an Independent he needs to get 3,500 signatures on a petition within the next 12 days to have his name on the ballot. I am asking all you upstate New Yorkers in this district to find the petition and sign it and then send Bellavia to DC so that he can link up with and join forces with former Army alumni like Col (RET) Alan West and we can bring some leadership to congress instead of continuing to do business as usual.

BTW I don't know why the writer of the article decided to use the word activist to describe Mr Bellavia unless by activist you mean he was a tireless advocate for veterans and devoted so much time and energy to highlight the accomplishments of our men and women serving in the armed forces.

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