Friday, March 11, 2011

Video: Entire Japanese City in Flames

This is just unimaginable.
The city of Kesennuma in northern Japan is completely engulfed in flames following the biggest earthquake in the country on record.

Kesennuma city, located 300 miles north east of Tokyo in Miyagi prefecture, was near the epicentre of the magnitude 8.9 earthquake.

Night time aerial footage shows large swathes of the city, home to 74,000 people, on fire.

The earthquake, which struck at 2:47 local time, has split highways, flattened buildings and ignited fires across the northeastern Pacific coast.


Chris said...

You sure this isn't stock footage of a B-29 bombing raid from 1945?


Holdfast said...

I suppose it would be a dick move to say that they have some experience with having whole cities on fire?  Seriously though, I hope that's just buildings and the folks got out ok.  The damage has been massive from what I've seen, and Japan actually takes this stuff seriously - try to imagine this in the US, or worse yet in the 3rd world.

sykes.1 said...

This is on a par with the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. I hope there are only a few casualties.

Aaron Worthing said...

mmm, what is scaring me is the nuke plant.  over at patterico's we have alot on all of it.