Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where is Keeper of the Planet Al Gore?

There's been a curious silence from Al Gore in the wake of the devastation in Japan. I figured surely the man who's been warning us of rising sea levels would find a way to connect the earthquake and tsunami to global warming. Or at least comment on the disaster. Yet a search offers little recent news from Al. Meanwhile, since Thursday all he offered on his website was some inane nonsense from a Henry Waxman speech.

Well, Gore finally updated his site today, and what is he talking about? Why, the Clean Air Act, of course, quoting a 10-day old blog post from some obscure site. Al's contribution is a single sentence taking a swipe at Republicans.
Republicans in Congress propose gutting many of our environmental laws, but ignore their economic benefits.
Is this the best you can offer, Mr. Gore? Not even a comment on what happened in Japan?


srdem65 said...

Maybe someone pointed out to Algore that global warming has been happening since the glaciers covered the northern part of the US. 
He might be thinking that over.

FrankG said...

another reason Tipper divorced the big dumb hoax: he came too late to teh party

William Teach said...

And don't forget, The Goracle plans an unnecessary fossil fueled flight to Costa Rica for a global warming/sustainability conference on March 19th!