Sunday, March 06, 2011

'Who Cares About Bike Lanes? He’s an Idiot'

The dopey mayor of New York insulted the Irish a couple of weeks ago.

Bad move.
Some Celts are still cross.

Boos followed Mayor Bloomberg yesterday as he walked in the annual St. Patrick’s Parade in Rockaway, Queens — his first Irish outing since he made a quip about their drinking last month.

Many in the working-class neighborhood also got their Irish up over Bloomberg’s cost-cutting initiatives, including his efforts to overhaul the city pension system, fire more than 4,000 teachers, and change the “last in, first out” rule for teacher layoffs.

“Go back to Manhattan!” yelled several parade-goers as Bloomberg and other elected officials strolled the 30-block route along Newport Avenue and Rockaway Beach Boulevard in Belle Harbor.

“Take the A train home!” shouted someone amid the sea of bagpipes, green face paint and Irish flags.

Chants of “Union-buster!” and “Respect the teachers!” trailed after Bloomberg, who was making his 10th consecutive appearance at the parade.

Maureen Bergin, one of about 6,000 proud sons and daughters of Erin lining the march, said Bloomberg disrespected her heritage when he joked that he usually only saw “people that are totally inebriated” at the Irish American Historical Society on Fifth Avenue.

“He wouldn’t have the audacity to make that joke about another group of people,” grumbled Bergin. “Plus, I’m a teacher, so he’s not on my list of favorite people right now.”

Retired worker Ellen Moran agreed. “A stereotype is simply a stereotype. It may have been a joke, but the bottom line is, I was offended.”

Anthony Hannon, 80, was more angered by Bloomberg’s quality of life initiatives – like outlawing smoking in public places such as the boardwalk on Rockaway beach.

“What he’s doing to our teachers and our Fire Department – it’s shameful. Who cares about bike lanes? He’s an idiot,” sputtered Hannon.


roux said...

I'm no fan of Bloomberg but making an Irish joke is fine as they usually tell them about themselves. Just like Cajuns and Swedes and other heritages that are comfortable and proud. On St. Patricks Day we are all Irish.

I wish he would run for POTUS only to give the idiot NO Labels folks something to do and provide comic relief for the rest of us.

srdem65 said...

Only in America would a Jewish politician insult a group of Irish Catholics then paint his face green and say 'I'm one of you". 
I agree with the old fellow..he's an idiot.

FrankG said...

I'd hope he'd run just for the massive repudiation from voters sick of his sanctimonious Nanny-state crap