Friday, March 04, 2011

Comedy Gold: Wisconsin Democrat Tackled by Police

The surprise here? A Wisconsin Democrat was actually trying to do some work. Hilarity ensues.
Police tackled a state lawmaker as he tried to enter the Capitol building, which was closed to the public.

Democratic Representative Nick Milroy of South Range in northwestern Wisconsin was trying to get into the Capitol Thursday night to retrieve some clothes from his office. Video shows him struggling with some officers at an entrance before he was tackled.

A Dane County judge ruled Thursday that protesters could no longer spend the night in the Capitol to show their opposition to Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill. The judge did rule, however, that restricting the building during business hours was unconstitutional and ordered it must reopen to the public.

Milroy was one of four Democrats who moved their desks outside the Capitol Tuesday after access for the public was restricted.

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