Saturday, May 07, 2011

Barcelona Bans Bikinis in Public: 'We Have to Maintain Standards'

I suspect it will all depend on how hot you look.
Barcelona is famous around the world for its louche, anything goes atmosphere.

But it seems Catalans have had enough of cleavage, and now the Mediterranean resort city is getting tough on those who dare to bare.

Tourists who wander the streets of Barcelona in just their swimming costumes - or less - will now face stiff fines.

City officials have voted to ban 'nudity or virtual nudity in public places' and limit swimming costumes to swimming pools, beaches, adjacent roads and beach walks.

And the ban is set to come into force later this month, just as the influx of British tourists starts to peak.

Anyone who walks the streets away from the beaches clad in just a bikini, trunks or a swimsuit will be liable for fines of up to €300 (£262).

And in this previously permissive city, the penalties are even more severe for naturists: those who stray naked from designated nudist beaches could face fines of up to €500 (£435).

Nudism campaigners are outraged by the move. Like many other parts of Spain, Barcelona has a number of nudist beaches and the city has, in the past, championed the naturist cause.
If anything, they need to ban fat, hairy guys from wearing Speedos.
Barcelona has been trying to shake off a reputation as a city where anything goes.

Ms Escarp told The Times: 'Some people who live here are bothered by tourists who go dressed in a bikini in the street, or in swimming trunks. We have to maintain standards.'


srdem65 said...

That's pretty harsh.  They should just ban bikinis by size. 
Size 10-good,  20-bad.  Men with over 38in tummys-bad, buffed out-good.

The Reaganite Republican said...

Just ramping up for the inevitable sharia-ruled caliphate, shouldn't take long now, Zapatero moved things along nicely for them