Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bay Area Teens React to Bin Laden Death: 'I'm Not Even Sure He Was a Real Person'

Nice to see the teenagers in the Bay Area have already been fully indoctrinated. Good job, lefties!
For students currently in high school, raised against the background noise of talk-show rants and conspiracy theories, this week's news is being squeezed through a new set of filters and interpretation internalized by the students, many of whom don't know what to believe anymore. At her mock-trial class at Gunderson High in San Jose on Monday, social-studies teacher Sonia Rebelo learned that two-thirds of her students said that when they first heard the news Sunday, they were skeptical that bin Laden actually was dead.

"We can't really trust the government," sophomore Douglas Gutierrez, 16, said. "I'm not even sure he was a real person."
Outside of crackpot Alex Jones, I'm not aware of any talk show hosts of any renown who are on the 9/11 truther side of the spectrum. That a 16-year-old actually thinks Osama bin Laden never existed shows what a pitiful job the kid's parents and teachers have done to educate him.

This drivel is even worse.

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el SOOPer said...

I was at a local bar, announced the news, and bought everyone a round of beer - a very attractive girl turned to me and said, "I thought he was dead already? Didn't we hang him?" Gah. She was at least 20 years old. How stupid can you get?!