Saturday, May 07, 2011

Bin Laden Guilty of Zoning Violations, Owed a Bundle in Property Taxes

If the Pakis were on to of things, they might have noticed Osama bin Laden violated zoning restrictions. Not only that, he was way behind on his property taxes.
Not only did the Pakistanis let a mass murderer live right under their noses -- they also looked the other way on zoning-code violations!

They didn't even go after him for unpaid property taxes.

In 2004, Osama bin Laden's couriers got permission to construct a comfy two-story, eight-bedroom and seven-bathroom home for the terror overlord in scenic Abbottabad.

Local building inspectors didn't lift a finger when the home actually wound up three stories high -- contrary to the plans they had submitted.

"There are many rules and regulations," top Abbottabad official Asif Amir Khan told a reporter.

None of the rules were enforced against the bin Laden sanctuary.

The oversights were no surprise to locals, who say Abbottabad's building inspectors never bother to check whether homes are built in line with their building permits.

If they had bothered to check, inspectors might have noticed that the 17-foot-tall, barbed wire-topped walls surrounding the home and its 38,000-square-foot grounds didn't appear in the plans.

Also missing from the plans was the extra residence out behind the main building. Americans might call that a "mother-in-law" house, but since bin Laden had several wives, he probably called it a guesthouse.

While records show the home never paid property taxes, it was unclear how much bin Laden might have owed.


Just A Grunt said...

...and this is different from Charlie Rangel how?

Dave Lucas said...

The amazing sage of OBL continues!